Let me speak as one where curiosity and past sport, what 'you is not trying. I have tried everything that can be found in the Thai pharmacy (which is everything) - Viagra, Kamagra, Kamagra Jelly, Cialis Aptsialis (generic Cialis) and Levitra - I want to tell you that you've seen many movies and many urban legends themselves listen ... The effect of the above drugs is:
- Earning a 2-3 roll more with regard to erection, however, your desire not affect at all, on the contrary (see bottom point)
- Probably 30% of you belongs sensitivity, which can be good for someone, where it ends for 10 seconds, but otherwise is not! At least 15 minutes of back or another pose with cool inflation decelerated for some of you with less Laško will fall asleep before you finish ... Otherwise listed, Cialis works 36 hours, the other 6-8. Jellies catch a few minutes, the other for 1-2 hours.

Testosterone - a hormone is very individual. I personally like my stitches slightly increased desire, but only some days. There are many factors.
Armideks, ATD - morning getting up very bestial erection, but otherwise nothing. If you are ill with estrogen might raise you desire. However, if brought down too low estrogen starts not with you ...
Bromocriptine, Vitex - lasts longer tekove even you might not fall at all after the first 1-3 orgasm.

So that you will not find what you are looking for, simply because such a thing does not exist. Everything is in the head of a man and is very far from the preparations and herbs ... 3 things:
- To sexually liberated and relaxed
- To be in good physical shape - hard training
- A woman who they crazy just by turning around you. I do not imagine you go with a woman who does not want to break just from seeing her.